The Grant People, Solutions for the Future

The Grant People, Solutions for the Future

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 14, 2007

Grants awarded in nutrition education, school gardens and access to fresh food are the themes of the Cooperative Community Fund’s grant awards. On January 31, more than $ 18,000 was handed out to 12 community groups in California. In total, $ 19,923 will be given to the various community groups that applied for and qualified for these grants.

There was a time when the thought of qualifying or even receiving a government grant seemed ideal but all to often realistically unattainable. With numerous forms and a large variety of grants to choose from, the process can be extremely overwhelming for most people. The thought of finding the right grant can be a daunting task, that’s where The Grant People can help.

The Grant People are not just a team but a whole organization that specializes in making the process of obtaining a government grant much less complicated. Whether the organization is a 501 (C) (3) that specializes in youth programs, women’s events, education, or even music programs, The Grant People can help. Obtaining a government grant is a process that requires skill, know how and the knowledge of the direction of each grant. The Grant People provide the information needed to help small organizations obtain the right grant for their needs. Making mistakes in any part of the Grant request process can cause long delays and with the urgency of most organizations in seeking grants time is critical.

The help-center and application support team with The Grant People take grant seekers through questions as they arise with their grant application. They guide them through the steps of researching and locating grants that their specific organization properly qualifies for. They assist with questions a wide range of questions such as, will the grant be solicited or unsolicited and there differences? And, are changes needed within my organization to allow it to qualify? After completing a grant assessment the team leads clients in the appropriate direction needed to write the grants, even insuring that each organization has all the necessary tools needed to help them to qualify for the grant of choice.

Once a grant is obtained the personnel at The Grant People make sure that the organizations are properly educated in the fulfillment and continue to provide the extended support to insure that each client organization is capable of successfully implementing all the requirements necessary after receiving grant funding. These services are provided at no extra cost to clients all over the globe. With their proven track record, The Grant People are expanding their man power and continue providing services to the many organizations in need help grant seekers give to their communities and causes everywhere.

For additional information on The Grant People, go to or call 1-866- GRANT-85, 1-866-472-6885


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Government Funding

Grants and Scholorships for Moms from Obama’s Federal Program – Find out if You Qualify

Grants and Scholorships for Moms from Obama’s Federal Program – Find out if You Qualify

One of the hottest topics on Capitol Hill right now is education. The reason for that is the Obama administration wants more people in college because they can contribute more to the economy and all of their families will also benefit as well.

The biggest group that is targeted is single mothers. Many times moms are not included in federal programs. Another reason is that they often believe that they just can’t afford more education. Because President Obama understands this predicament, he has seen to it that the Pell Grant was increased to over ,000.00. In fact, he believes it so much that this was accomplished within the frist several weeks of him taking office.

A lot of times, students want no part of a loan. These must be paid back and some students fear that once they graduate, they will be burdened with this expense as well as all of the other costs of living. There are, however, a number of different ways that do not include loans to finance your education.

1. Pell Grants are given on a needs-base. These are specially designed for those with a low-income. If you are a single mom, you are likely to fall into this category and can receive up to ,350.00.

2. If you are studying in the fields of Math or Science or a something related to those, then you may try for the National SMART Grant. This is sponsored by the National Science & Mathematics Association and is open to those in their third and fourth years of study.

3. TEACH (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education) Grants can provide up to ,000.00 per year is you are planning to become an educator. It doesn’t matter if you want to teach elementary or secondary school, you may qualify for this grant.

4. If you are in the lowest income category, then you may qualify for a FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) which can add an additional 0.00 to ,000.00 per year to help you through school.

5. If you graduated from your high school after 2005, you may also receive funds from the Academic Competitiveness Grant. This will provide 0.00 during your first year of study and another ,300.00 for your second year.

Start by applying for these five programs. There are a host of other opportunities for you as well. You don’t have to wait any longer to pursue your dreams thanks to this new administration’s efforts.

Government Funding

Did you know you can get a ,000 scholarship for Moms just for registering? Apply right now for free: Scholarships for Moms

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PURPA, EPAct 1992, and EPAct 2005, EISA 2007 (Continued) – August 27, 2008 The basic concepts underlying the economic regulation of energy. In addition, discussion, of three federal acts that form reference points for our national conversation about renewable energy.
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