2007 Government Grants For Women Are Available

2007 Government Grants For Women Are Available

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) January 17, 2007

There are millions of dollars in government grants available to women to help pay for college, help start a home business, help expand a business, or even to help pay bills. GrantsForWomen.org is offering an exclusive e-book guide, listing thousands of grant opportunities.

The federal and local governments allocate millions every year to women because women are a considered a minority. In addition, big corporations use private foundations to give away grants because they are great tax write-offs and good publicity.

What Is A Grant?

Grants are monetary aids; they are not loans. As long as the amount is lawful and you meet the requirements, the money is yours to keep and never needs to be repaid. This grant money is non-taxable and interest-free.

These grants do not require credit checks, collateral, security deposits or co-signers. You can apply even if you have a declared bankruptcy or have bad credit. You, as a tax payer and U.S. citizen, are entitled to apply for this money.

GrantsForWomen.org is offering an exclusive e-book guide and unlimited online access to a directory that lists thousands of grant opportunities from private foundations, federal programs, and state programs.

Their directory specifically features personal grants, business grants, education grants, and healthcare grants. The e-book also offers a free grant-writing tutorial and guide.

To get access to thousands of opportunities and an e-book guide on grant writing, interested women should visit: http://www.GrantsForWomen.org.



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Intro To Federal Grants and Private Foundation Grants

Intro To Federal Grants and Private Foundation Grants

(PRWEB) December 21, 2005

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is put out the US General Service Administration. It is a massive listing of every program currently offered by the government including grants, loans and entitlement programs of more than 50 Federal agencies. It can be used to quickly simplify the task of finding Federal assistance programs best suited for the needs of your projects in the multibillion-dollar grant and loans maze of the Federal Government.

For further information contact: US General Services Administration, Office of Government wide Policy, Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog Staff (MVS), Washington, DC 20407.


The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance can be ordered by calling General Services Administration (GSA) 202 708-5126 (CD ROM version) or Government Printing Office at (202) 512-1800 (printed version). If you locate a program, you can then call said program for a circular or contact your local Federal Info Center for more info.

The CD ROM version also contains the Federal Assistance Award Data System (FAADS) database. The United States government provides significant grant support for a variety of diverse reasons, particularly non-profit organizations. FAADS is a central collection of selected, computer-based data on Federal financial assistance award transactions.

All departments and major agencies of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government with grant making authority are now reporting to FAADS. This includes all assistance programs listed in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), as well financial assistance awards made by Federal agencies but now included in the CFDA. Reporting covers approximately 600 Federal assistance programs.

After locating a program in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, the FAADS can be used to check out the recipients of said program and assistance information. Each action-by-action record contains such items as the name and location of the recipient (but not the address), the amount of Federal assistance awarded, the program under which the award was made and a project description.

The series of FAADS computer tapes and reports provides a basic data source for analysis of Federal assistance awards by those who wish to apply their own data evaluation programming. This valuable information can help the professional grant seeker track funding and develop funding strategies.

This resource can be located online at http://www.cfda.gov

Private Foundations http://fsandor.com/freecashgrant/

A private foundation is a non-profit organization with funds of assets created for an incredibly wide range of uses. These funds are dedicated to the betterment of society and are usually used for education, business, welfare, religion, etc.

Foundations give away billions of dollars each year. The main Eason a foundation is recognized is because it is exempt from income taxes. In order to maintain its tax-exempt status, foundations must give away at least 5% of their total assets each year. This provides an excellent tax shelter for businesses and individuals. http://fsandor.com/freecashgrant/

Thee funds are distributed at the discretion of the individuals who organize the foundation. Foundations specialize in different types of grants for a chosen cause. They offer a broad variety of funds covering areas such as research of Polish-American relations, to the translation of foreign books, or rental of space for theater productions.

There are even grants given to students just because they have a particular last name or because of the color of their skin.

Most foundations award grants to non-profit organizations. An excellent source of information on where to obtain foundation grants are Foundation Center Libraries. They offer complete collections of grant sources as well as information on how to obtain grants.


These are reference collections on every aspect of getting private grant money and offer a well-trained knowledgeable staff who are able to fifer assistance to the grant seeker. The Foundation Center has five main libraries. There are a large number of small, private collections spread across the country. (Contact your local library to see if there is one located in your immediate area.)

Foundation Centers also publish a large number of helpful books and directories. A directory entitled “Foundation grants To Individuals” lists all foundations that make grants to individuals.

Sandor Fustos

CEO fsandor.com/freecashgrant/

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