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The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is put out the US General Service Administration. It is a massive listing of every program currently offered by the government including grants, loans and entitlement programs of more than 50 Federal agencies. It can be used to quickly simplify the task of finding Federal assistance programs best suited for the needs of your projects in the multibillion-dollar grant and loans maze of the Federal Government.

For further information contact: US General Services Administration, Office of Government wide Policy, Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog Staff (MVS), Washington, DC 20407.

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance can be ordered by calling General Services Administration (GSA) 202 708-5126 (CD ROM version) or Government Printing Office at (202) 512-1800 (printed version). If you locate a program, you can then call said program for a circular or contact your local Federal Info Center for more info.

The CD ROM version also contains the Federal Assistance Award Data System (FAADS) database. The United States government provides significant grant support for a variety of diverse reasons, particularly non-profit organizations. FAADS is a central collection of selected, computer-based data on Federal financial assistance award transactions.

All departments and major agencies of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government with grant making authority are now reporting to FAADS. This includes all assistance programs listed in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), as well financial assistance awards made by Federal agencies but now included in the CFDA. Reporting covers approximately 600 Federal assistance programs.

After locating a program in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, the FAADS can be used to check out the recipients of said program and assistance information. Each action-by-action record contains such items as the name and location of the recipient (but not the address), the amount of Federal assistance awarded, the program under which the award was made and a project description.

The series of FAADS computer tapes and reports provides a basic data source for analysis of Federal assistance awards by those who wish to apply their own data evaluation programming. This valuable information can help the professional grant seeker track funding and develop funding strategies.

This resource can be located online at

Private Foundations

A private foundation is a non-profit organization with funds of assets created for an incredibly wide range of uses. These funds are dedicated to the betterment of society and are usually used for education, business, welfare, religion, etc.

Foundations give away billions of dollars each year. The main Eason a foundation is recognized is because it is exempt from income taxes. In order to maintain its tax-exempt status, foundations must give away at least 5% of their total assets each year. This provides an excellent tax shelter for businesses and individuals.

Thee funds are distributed at the discretion of the individuals who organize the foundation. Foundations specialize in different types of grants for a chosen cause. They offer a broad variety of funds covering areas such as research of Polish-American relations, to the translation of foreign books, or rental of space for theater productions.

There are even grants given to students just because they have a particular last name or because of the color of their skin.

Most foundations award grants to non-profit organizations. An excellent source of information on where to obtain foundation grants are Foundation Center Libraries. They offer complete collections of grant sources as well as information on how to obtain grants.

These are reference collections on every aspect of getting private grant money and offer a well-trained knowledgeable staff who are able to fifer assistance to the grant seeker. The Foundation Center has five main libraries. There are a large number of small, private collections spread across the country. (Contact your local library to see if there is one located in your immediate area.)

Foundation Centers also publish a large number of helpful books and directories. A directory entitled “Foundation grants To Individuals” lists all foundations that make grants to individuals.

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Federal Government Grants Can Help You Get Out of Debt Fast

Federal Government Grants Can Help You Get Out of Debt Fast

As impossible as it may seem, the federal government has billions of dollars available in the form of grants that are given each year for various reasons. Though many people may have heard this, they may not have known how to apply for one of the many grants that are available. Did you know, for example, that during these tough economic times there are even grants that can help you if you have gotten yourself into debt and are now struggling to get out of debt.

When economic stress is at an all time high the unfortunate fact of life is that credit is still readily available. Even people who have no business applying for credit will find someone who will offer them loans and credit cards. It won’t take long before credit spirals out of control.

One of the worst things people do is purchase everyday necessities on credit but this is what happens when the money runs out and the credit line is still waiting to be used. Credit is an insidious enemy to financial health because the prices are going up on everything we need. If we charge food, gas, and other necessities, all we have to do is miss one payment or send a payment a day late and the interest rates can and will soar unbelievably. By the time you realize what is happening, it may be too late.

This is the best time to find a government grant for help with your outstanding debt. It’s not as hard as you might think to find a grant for this purpose. If you have computer access, search by typing in ‘government grants for debt relief’. There are literally thousands of sites advertising grants that are available from the federal government. After you have found a site that is reputable, refine your search to find a grant that closely fits your needs.

When people feel desperate about their financial situation, they sometimes take out a consolidation loan. But this is just a way of increasing your debt to pay off other debt. True, you may have a lower payment but frequently this just allows you to incur more debt. It is a vicious cycle and one that is very difficult from which to extricate yourself. Another method people use to completely get out of debt is to file bankruptcy but this is anything but a perfect solution, especially when you might qualify for a grant that would accomplish the same thing without the blow to your credit score that bankruptcy can deliver.

Look at it this way. Taxpayers are funding these grants and since you are likely a taxpayer, you are just getting back some of what you have already paid to the government.

After you have done your searches, pick a grant that you think will help you with your debt. Apply for more than one if you happen to find two or three that look promising. After your application has been examined it is actually possible that you will have an acceptance or denial letter within a week after you have applied. Don’t let any more time go by without doing something. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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I have done a bit of research for you. These Government Grant Experts can help you get the grants you deserve by helping you get out of debt fast. You can find out if you qualify for a Government Grant for free!

Click here to fill out a short form to save your finances and get out of debt as early as this week!

Article from – In this video, you will learn a 4-step process for obtaining a government grant. This system walks you through obtaining a grant from the government, foundations, and corporations. If you are serious about obtaining a grant, then check this video out to learn how the process works. We have discontinued the free trial mentioned in the video, but you can check out more details on the BizGrant product at the link above. But you can obtain a grant on your own with the information taught in this video – it will just take a lot more work.
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INPUT Enters Partnership Agreement With ICG Government

Reston, VA (Vocus) March 25, 2009

INPUT, the authority on government business, announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with ICG Government, a Washington, DC-based public sector business consulting firm, to bring together government and business leaders through an integrated program of focused issue summits, events and relevant research.

Through this strategic partnership agreement, INPUT and ICG Government will combine to deliver government-focused market research, issue-focused insights and richer context for the government IT and management markets. “Our partnership is designed to help business executives and government leaders address the key issues they face through a series of summits offering the combined expertise of INPUT and ICG Government,” said Tim Dowd, chief executive officer for INPUT. “This partnership will help business leaders understand the key issues facing government and to develop technology and management solutions to address those challenges in the most relevant way,” Dowd added.

INPUT and ICG Government will co-host three events beginning in May 2009 where business and government leaders will benefit from unique insights and context that only INPUT and ICG Government can jointly provide. “Our teaming agreement with INPUT weaves a unique and integrated program of market participation for industry executives,” said ICG Government president Don Upson. “It provides timely information on key subjects with opportunities to substantively and systematically interact with relevant industry and public sector leaders. The key is the integrated platform; our joint effort is connected and it connects,” Upson said.

About ICG Government

ICG Government provides business consulting to companies seeking to enter or expand their business interests in the public sector IT and management sectors. It produces the industry’s premier annual policy conference – Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) Government – in association with International CES, a leading technology event. ICG Government also manages the Government Business Executive Forum, an organization of 30 senior industry leaders in the government IT market.


INPUT is the authority on government business. Established in 1974, INPUT helps companies develop federal, state, and local government business and helps public sector organizations achieve their objectives. Over 2,000 members, including small specialized companies, new entrants to the public sector, and the largest government contractors and agencies, rely on INPUT for the latest and most comprehensive procurement and market information, consulting, powerful sales management tools, and educational and networking events. For more information about INPUT, visit or call 703-707-3500.

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