Government Assisted Consolidation Loans – The Free Federal Program to Consolidate Your Debt and Save

Government Assisted Consolidation Loans – The Free Federal Program to Consolidate Your Debt and Save

Do you have some federal student loans that are choking your monthly budget? Then the U.S. government may have just the cure with their Government Assisted Consolidation Loans. They are a federal program designed to merge all your debts and bills into a single payment.

This means, that if you have several monthly payments or a number from several different loans, you can make things easier by consolidating them into one single loan to pay off the total debt. This offers you an easy to manage payment, and in most cases, at a lower rate of interest.

The official term for this government program is called Direct Consolidation loans and they are provided to U.S. citizens by the Department of Education.

These Direct Consolidation loans are funded directly by the U.S. government instead of a private lender or financial institution. They allow borrowers to lock in low interest rates and extend their repayment period beyond that provided by the original loan. This results in lower monthly payments for the duration of the new consolidated loan.

How You Qualify For The Program

As stated at the beginning, you must have outstanding federal student loans. Then you must qualify based on your need which is evaluated on the basis of your income, family size and the total outstanding balance of your federal student loans.

Some Benefits Of The Government Assisted Consolidation Loans:

The ability to defer payments up to 3 Years
No payments for the first 6 months
No loan origination costs or fees for consolidation
Extended loan payment period of up to 30 years.

Do You Qualify For Direct Consolidation Loans?


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Using Federal Grant Money to Pay off Debt is a Preferred Way to Eliminate Personal Debt!

Using Federal Grant Money to Pay off Debt is a Preferred Way to Eliminate Personal Debt!

Does a government grant for debt relief make sense? The answer will depend on what kind of debt it is we’re talking about, how much of it there is and whether or not the person who has accumulated a debt can’t afford to repay it back in any other way.

Government grants are gifts, and not loans, and never have to be repaid. And because they don’t have to be repaid, the government tends to look at any sort of grant application for debt relief with a magnifying glass. This means that the first thing the people who will be reviewing such a grant application will do is to take a very close look at the kind of debt that’s been amassed and if the person asking for the grant can afford to repay it.

Grant applications themselves for government programs such as debt relief also exists, and there are a number of good websites out there that can help steer a person in the right direction when it comes to gaining debt relief from a government grant. Take a few moments to head to the Internet and enter in a key search phrase such as “debt relief-government grants.”

There probably will be thousands of results, though it’s usually only necessary to check out the first couple of pages in order to find what is needed, which is a website that helps with the grant application and then the filing of it. So keep your chin up, because there really is help out there if one knows where to go and find it.
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I have done a bit of research for you. These Government Grant Experts can help you get the grants you deserve by helping you get out of debt fast. You can find out if you qualify for a Government Grant for free!

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INPUT Enters Partnership Agreement With ICG Government

Reston, VA (Vocus) March 25, 2009

INPUT, the authority on government business, announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with ICG Government, a Washington, DC-based public sector business consulting firm, to bring together government and business leaders through an integrated program of focused issue summits, events and relevant research.

Through this strategic partnership agreement, INPUT and ICG Government will combine to deliver government-focused market research, issue-focused insights and richer context for the government IT and management markets. “Our partnership is designed to help business executives and government leaders address the key issues they face through a series of summits offering the combined expertise of INPUT and ICG Government,” said Tim Dowd, chief executive officer for INPUT. “This partnership will help business leaders understand the key issues facing government and to develop technology and management solutions to address those challenges in the most relevant way,” Dowd added.

INPUT and ICG Government will co-host three events beginning in May 2009 where business and government leaders will benefit from unique insights and context that only INPUT and ICG Government can jointly provide. “Our teaming agreement with INPUT weaves a unique and integrated program of market participation for industry executives,” said ICG Government president Don Upson. “It provides timely information on key subjects with opportunities to substantively and systematically interact with relevant industry and public sector leaders. The key is the integrated platform; our joint effort is connected and it connects,” Upson said.

About ICG Government

ICG Government provides business consulting to companies seeking to enter or expand their business interests in the public sector IT and management sectors. It produces the industry’s premier annual policy conference – Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) Government – in association with International CES, a leading technology event. ICG Government also manages the Government Business Executive Forum, an organization of 30 senior industry leaders in the government IT market.


INPUT is the authority on government business. Established in 1974, INPUT helps companies develop federal, state, and local government business and helps public sector organizations achieve their objectives. Over 2,000 members, including small specialized companies, new entrants to the public sector, and the largest government contractors and agencies, rely on INPUT for the latest and most comprehensive procurement and market information, consulting, powerful sales management tools, and educational and networking events. For more information about INPUT, visit or call 703-707-3500.

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