Jon Lukomnik Joins The Governance Fund, LLC

Jon Lukomnik

Northfield, Minn. (PRWEB) January 6, 2010

The Governance Fund, LLC, a private investment management firm, today announced that Jon Lukomnik, the founder and managing partner of Sinclair Capital, LLC, has joined the Investment Committee of The Governance Fund, LLC, and will serve on its Board of Directors.

Lukomnik brings an extensive background in asset management, both in the private and public sectors. Prior to forming Sinclair, he worked as deputy comptroller for New York City, where he served as the investment advisor for the city’s defined benefit pension plans, which encompassed over $ 80 billion in assets. During his tenure, the city’s pension funds materially outperformed the average large pension fund in America. He is a co-founder of the International Corporate Governance Network and a former chair of the Executive Committee of the Council of Institutional Investors. He currently serves as a director for Sears Canada, where he chairs the investment committee; as a trustee for the Van Eck family of mutual funds and investment trusts; and as a member of the International Advisory Board of NYSE-Euronext.

“We are delighted that someone with Jon’s stature and experience is joining our leadership team,” said David R. Koenig, chief executive officer of The Governance Fund, LLC. “He brings wonderful insights to our investment process and his particular interest in defining and quantifying good corporate governance makes him an ideal match for our company.”

Lukomnik commented, “Good corporate governance is important to individual companies, and also to the economy as a whole. The Governance Fund, LLC’s investment process is designed to allow investors the potential to realize outsized gains from the different return patterns of well- and poorly governed companies.”

Lukomnik is co-author of the award-winning “The New Capitalists” (Harvard Business School Press, 2006). He is the program director of the IRRC Institute (Investor Responsibility Research Center), which sponsors research on corporate governance and investor practices. In addition, Lukomnik was a founder and initial board member of GovernanceMetrics International, a corporate governance rating service.

The Governance Fund, LLC, a private investment management firm, uses a proprietary model to differentiate well-governed publicly-traded companies from those which are poorly-governed and seeks to capture the hidden investment value from this knowledge. The Governance Fund, LLC, offers both a long/short market-neutral strategy and a long/short relative return strategy to its clients.

For more information, please contact The Governance Fund, LLC, at 507.301.3149 or e-mail info(at)thegovfund(dot)com.


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