Federal Grant Money Available Today

Federal Grant Money Available Today

Did you know there is literally billions of dollars in federal grant money available, and you can obtain thousands of dollars just by writing grants? Millions of dollars is given out on a daily basis to help people reach their goals. And while these programs have been around for decades, the government is fusing billions of more dollars into the system to help individuals during troubled economic times.

Federal grant money comes in many forms. If you are a college student, you can have college grants sent directly to your school to pay your tuition. You can also find many college grants that will simply send you a check in the mail to use for student housing, textboooks and other college expenses.

You can obtain federal funding to help pay your rent if you are facing financial difficulty, or acquire debt grants to help you avoid bankruptcy. If you want to start or expand your own business or open a daycare center, you are elligible to recieve some of this money. There is such a broad range of federal funding available to help you out financially, and it just takes dropping an application in the mail to receive it.

The biggest challenge these federal grant money programs face is not having enough applicants to give this money away. While there is billions of dollars available, not everyone knows that these programs exists or where to find them. As a result, there is excess cash left over at the end of the year that goes unclaimed.

Since the government is mandated to give this money out, there’s a likely chance you’ll receive federal grant money just because the money is available.

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Federal Government Grants

Federal Government Grants

The E-grants initiative was created in 2002 as part of the President’s Fiscal Year Management Agenda. The purpose of this initiative was to improve on the governments handling the business of awarding grants to the public. From this, the website grants dot gov was formed. Here, the public is granted access to over 1,000 federal grant programs from 26 lending agencies. In addition,there is approximately 0 billion awarded in funding each year.

A federal government grant is not a benefit or entitlement. Nor is it considered to be a personal or business loan. Basically stated,federal government grants are financial awards for assistance to a public recipient. The recipient must be in the industry of carrying out services or support as deemed by the United States laws. In addition,federal grants may not be used to acquire property or secure a service that provides direct benefit to the federal government.

Federal government grant categories include: agriculture; arts; business and commerce; community development; disaster prevention and relief; education and employment and training. Other categories include: food and nutrition; health; housing; humanities; and transportation. From these categories, 26 lending agencies do business with awarding federal grants to the public. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration primarily funds projects to explore systems,science and space operations. The National Endowment for the Arts funds projects that support promotion of excellence in art. In addition,this foundation is the largest funding source for arts in the country.

Virtually any organization is eligible for applying to the federal government grant program. However, there are a few ineligible organizations. For example, small businesses that are for-profit organizations may not submit an application for government grant funding. These organizations are awarded a separate category of funding through the Small Business Administration. An individual may submit a grant funding application when not associated with an organization. The individual will be limited to viewing grants available only for individual purposes. Organization grants access will be denied.

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Government programs?

Question by nobodysangel_nobodysfool: Government programs?
I’ve been told that there are government programs out there for everything. Including grants (free money) to help people start business or take time off to work on a book.

Can anyone tell me where I can find free information on these? Is there a website I’ve overlooked?

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Best answer:

Answer by mary moomoo
Actualy i wish i new where these grants are .Evrytime i try to look it up all i get are these sights where you have to pay for a book if it’s free why do we have to pay for the book i dont unerstand but if someone knows let me know also.


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